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14 December, 2012

Sambung Nyawa

Sambung Nyawa
Sambung Nyawa

Cholesterol spinach is including to the family Compositae. In medical, tree have many names such: Gynura nepalensis (cholesterol plant) and Gynura acutifolia.

Sambung Nyawa ( Gynura procumbens ),

Looked in Youtube: Sambung Nyawa (Gynura procumbens), Mollucan Spinach

The leaves of the cholesterol spinach can eat in fresh condition, taste not bad, just like lettuce. Some people in Indonesia eat like salads or include them in soups or with any other dishes. This plants can grow faster, just put watering and light. To propagate cholesterol spinach is very easy, just take tip cuttings (2 or 3 leaves) dip the cut end in the rooting hormone included and then put it  in the pack or area with moist soil. Put them in area with no lighting much and watering twice a day.The cuttings will have rooted and growing within a few week. Leaves of Gods is miracle herb, its widely grow in tropical area in Asia. This is the various name in several each country:
Malaysia   :    Daun dewa, Kelemai merah, Dewa raja, Akar sebiak, Kacham akar.
English      :    Mollucanspinach, Leaves of Gods, Cholesterol spinach.
Indonesia  :    Sambung nyawa, Daun dewa.

Sambung Nyawa ( Gynura procumbens ),
Gynura procumbens
Looked in Youtube: Sambung Nyawa (Gynura procumbens), Mollucan Spinach

Leaves of Gods leaf efficacious as a diuretic, hypotensive, antipyretic, hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering), and shed prevent kidney stones and bladder stones, anti-hiperlipidemia (lowers cholesterol and triglycerides), anti-bacterial, cytostatic (inhibiting the growth of cancer cells) and to prevent and improve kidney tissue cells (Winarto, 2003). Mollucanspinach have Chemical Ingredients:The leaves contain flavonoids (7, 3, 4 trihidoksi flavone), saponi, acid-kumarat P, P-hydroxy benzoic acid, quercetin, acid vanilat), triterpenoids, oils volatile, Steroids and fenoleat acid.

Mollucan spinach for medicinal uses. :

• Cholesterol (lipid, serum, triglyceride levels), Lowers blood sugar (diabetes).

• Anti-cancer: Inhibition effect on growth of cancer cells.

• Topical inflammation, rheumatism, diarrhea, kidneys functions, dysentery, viral ailments, hypertension, urinary tract infection, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic.

• Contains Asparaginase, the kind of enzyme to inhibit protein syntheses by hydrolyzing asparagines (amino acid which is very essentially, needed by cancer/tumor cells) into and ammonia and aspartic acid. This is very important to make the cancer cells will stop growing and die.

• Poultice: general body-pains and relieves rheumatic.

Mollucanspinach has been used as topical anti-inflammatory, anti allergic agents and was reported to be effective against Herpes Simplex Virus.

This is scientific classification of Cholesterol spinach:
Division:        Spermatophyta
Subdivision:   Angiospermae
Class:            Dicotyledonae
Nation:          Asterales (Campanulatae)
Ethnicity:       Asteraceae (Compositae)
Marga:          Gynura
Type:            Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr.

Looked in Youtube: Sambung Nyawa (Gynura procumbens), Mollucan Spinach


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