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12 September, 2013

Belimbing Wuluh

Bilimbi Fruit and Flower

Belimbing Wuluh in English commonly known as Bilimbi, Cucumber tree, or Tree sorrel. The tree is very popular for all region in Indonesia. Many name for this tree in Indonesia, based of the region. This is the name base on region: Bali: Blingbing buloh, Jawa: Blimbing wuluh, Melayu: Belimbing asam, Aceh: Limeng ungkot, Banjarmasin: Belimbing tunjuk. Makassar : Bainang


In Indonesia, where it is commonly found in house back yard, the fruits can eaten either raw or added to some cuisine as substituting for tamarind or tomato. Bilimbi used many people in Indonesia to making cuisine. The cuisine of Bilimbi is called Lodeh. Other usage is make this fruits become juice, Bilimbi juice is made into a cooling beverage.

 Bilimbi Fruit

  Fruit and Flower

Cucumber tree, or Tree sorre in another part region of Indonesia, especialy in Aceh, it is preserved by sun-drying. The sun-dried bilimbi is called Asam sunti.  Bilimbi and asam sunti are popular in Acehnese culinary.  Medical interest: The fruit are contains high levels of oxalate.


This is the scientific classification of Bilimbi

Kingdom:  Plantae

     :  Angiosperms
    :  Eudicots
    :  Rosids
Order: Oxalidales
Family: Oxalidaceae
Genus: Averrhoa
Species: A. bilimbi
Binomial name: Averrhoa bilimbi  L.


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