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08 August, 2012


Ground cherry Fruit on the tree

Ciplukan is most popular in Indonesia, in English it is known as the cut leaf Ground cherry, Wild Tomato and Winter Cherry. The Latin name is Physalis Angulata.L. Ground cherries are often growing at the field, riverside and along side roads.
 Ground cherry Fruit

Ground cherry is one of the herb, it is annuals tree and have a life of about 1 meter high. Which has typical fruit enclosed by enlarged calyx is rich in a variety of benefits, especially as medicinal herb.
Basic research on Ground cherry has provided preliminary evidence that its constituents, possibly poly phenols,  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
The tree contains active compounds that include Saponin (in bud), Flavonoid (Leaves and shoots), Polyphenols, Alkaloids (roots), Cholorogenick acid (stems and leaves). The fruits contain such  Fisalin (Fruits),  Angulatin A (Fruit), Tannin (fruits), Kriptoxantin (fruit), Vitamin C and sugar (Fruits), Palmitic and Stearic acid (seeds).

The benefit of Ground cherry as medicine:
       - Roots can be used as a fever-lowering drugs and worm.
       - Leaves is use full as a medicine healing fractures, edema water, boils, ulcers,
          heart booster, sprains, stomach pain and gonorrhea.
       - The Fruit  is often eaten straight to treat epilepsy, difficult urination and jaundice.

Ground cherry can be used as antibacterial, antiviral, immune stimulant and immune suppressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic and Cytotoxic. Also as a laxative urine(diuretic), neutralize toxins, relieve cough, turn on function of the glands of body and anti tumor.

Ciplukan ( Physalis angulata )
Khasiat Buah Ciplukan Untuk Kesehatan

See: Video of  Ciplukan (Physalis angulata)


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