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15 January, 2013

Manoa Fruit

Nona fruit  is  including rare plants now, this fruit is difficult to find because there is no much more planted. This fruit  is the least popular or well known of the Annonas in Malaysia. It came from the West India and South America. The tree is slightly taller that of and grows to a height of 7-8 meters. Flowers are often produced in clusters. The mature fruit is heart shaped, sometimes oval or conical.
It is slightly larger than the Srikaya, weighing from 0.1-1.2 kg. It takes a long time to mature. The surface of the fruit is smooth with hexagonal lines and reddish brown in color. The flesh, like the other Annonas, is pulpy and contains numerous brown seeds. The fruit does not taste as good as the other, lacking flavor, thus not as popular. Increasing scarcity of fruit  because a lot of people who do not like fruit flavors, as well as the relatively small quantity of harvested fruit in a tree.

Besides the fresh fruits, the fruit is in fact contain health benefits. Fruit or often known by the name of Mulwa fruit could potentially be used for anticancer drugs and kidney failure, said the lecturer of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Airlangga (Airlangga University), Surabaya Dr. Hamida, Kes.

According to him eating fruits of nature are very useful to ward off various diseases with age. "If we go back to nature will survive, because the older you get older, it is necessary to a healthy diet," said the 1037 doctoral graduate of Gadjah Mada University.

Manoa or Mulwa fruit

Indonesian Local Name :
"Buah Nona", "Kanowa", "Kemulwa", "Kluwa", "mulwa", "Buah Nona" ,"Manowa", "Manoa", "Buah Nona".
Foreigners: Name of simplisia annonae reticulatae Semen;
Seed Fruit Of Miss. Annonae reticulatae Folium; Carpel Miss, Custard apple, Nona Kapri, Nona

Close relatives of fruit: Cimarrona, Soursop, Miss Fruit, Annona glabra, Srikaya.

Curable Disease :
Typical of Astringent, neutralizes, and poisonous.
Seed special quality: Insecticide.
Leaf: Anti inflammation and anthelmintic.

Composition :
Tannin, alkaloid anonaina, and retikulina. acetogenin

 Manoa Flower

 Manoa Leaf

 Manoa Tree

 Manoa Fruits

Synonym :  Annona asiatica Lour, Annona longifolia Sesse et Moc.
Familia :     Annonaceae ( Anacardiaceae).

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  1. how i can buy manoa fruit / tree

  2. how i can buy manoa fruit / tree

    1. where is your home. until now we not selling This fruit, but we can send the seed for you if you in Indonesia.



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