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05 December, 2012

Kumis Kucing (Orthosiphon stamineus)

It is shaped plants including shrubs, the stems moist.
The Tree can growing until height can reach 1.5 meters. It is a plant can growing in a dry or wet at an altitude of 500-900 meters above sea level.This plant has leaf coarsely toothed edges and egg-shaped spurs. The flowers is emit stamens and pistils are white or purple. Flower color mauve or white while the stamens longer than the flower tube. The fruit such as fruit and oval boxes. This plant can be propagated by seed or stem cuttings.


According to the study the tree contains many chemical content: Orthosiphon glycosides, essential oils, fatty oils, tanning substances, sapofonin, saponins, potassium salt, myoinositol.Who has a property to dissolve phosphate uric acid and oxalate from the body, especially of the bladder, gall bladder and kidneys. With content leaf can be used to help treat a number of diseases such as acute and chronic kidney infections, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, bladder stones and bladder infections.

Utilization the tree :

The whole plant, wet or dry (aerate first, then dried in the hot sun) can used.


1. Kidney infection (acute and chronic nephritis), bladder infections (Cystitis).
2. Pain bladder stones.
3. Rheumatism (Gout arthritis).
4. Laxative urine (diuretic).
5. Eliminating hot and humid.


30-60 gr. (dry) or 90-120 g (wet) boiled, or dry / wet brewed as a tea.

How to use :

1. Nephritis, edema (swelling): 0. aristatus (cat whiskers) 30 gr, planto asiatica (leaf veins) 30 g, Hedyotis diffusa, (grass snake tongue) 30 gr, everything boiled.

 2. Urinary tract infections, frequent urination in small increments:  aritatus, Phyllanthus urinary (meniran), Commelina communis, each 30 gr, boiled. All the plants was then boiled in three cups of water until the remaining one cup only. Once it had cooled boiled plants. Once cool, strain and drink half a glass of water twice a day.

The Scientific classification of Kumis Kucing.
Sinonim : longiflorum, Ham. grandiflorum etaristatum, Bl. spiralis, Merr.stamineus, Benth. grandiflorus, Bold.Clerodendranthus spicatus (Thunb.) Y.Wu. Trichostemma spiralis, Lour. 
Familia : Labiatae
Indonesian Local Name: "Kumis Kucing", "Mamang Besar" (Indonesia).

Tanaman Kumis Kucing Mengobati Kencing Batu
Tanaman Kumis Kucing Mengobati Batu Ginjal
Kumis Kucing (Orthosiphon stamineus)

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